Budget Facilitator

Throughout the years several software developers have designed a useful budgeting tools but without any tangible success.  The requirements are exhaustive and complex.  To remediate this problem Mistral has come up with a solution that leverages off the power of the spreadsheet.  In other terms, all of the offered features by Microsoft’s Excel product are available to compute budgets amounts with the additional benefit of importing financial data from Unison into the spreadsheet – all at once.


  • No restriction on the use of Excel’s features and functions.
  • Import tool from Unison database into Excel
  • Export tool from Excel to Unison’s database
  • Spreadsheets are re-usable from month to month and year to year
  • Sum function for a group of accounts
  • Sum function for a period of time
  • Use of Templates to replicate similar reports
  • Report recalculation and/or printing by groups
  • Authorization/access controls