Company Profile

Mistral Data Systems Inc. has been an innovator of facility management systems for over thirty years.  Mistral was founded on the basis of providing its customers with quality and fully integrated business solutions.  We develop systems from the ground up making our solution ideal for any non-profit organizations, parks and recreational facilities, municipal offices and private health clubs.

One of the keys to our success is our ability to recognize the many facets of an operation that are inter-related.  From our point of view, as system developers, our purpose is to orchestrate a solution around one crucial theme: the integration of your organization.



Data and system integration has been one of our fundamental design philosophies.  We strongly believe that integration is truly the next step in software evolution yet few vendors offer it.  This should not be confused with exporting and importing features that merely offer momentary data transport mechanisms, after which neither software or systems are aware of the other.

It takes high levels of commitment to develop such systems in such way but at Mistral we can proudly say that we are the only vendor developing it, offering it and supporting it.