Software Developments

All of the software solutions presented on this web site have been developed by Mistral.  We not only understand how these systems operate but we have the full freedom and control in enhancing them.  This means that custom modifications can be done to accommodate your specific needs.

If a completely new system is the requirement then we are always ready for the challenge.  The new system can be a stand-alone product or incorporated into Unison’s existing array of applications.

Whatever the development or the enhancement, it is customary for us to query our customer base to see if other customers are interested in participating in the development cost.  This often results in a better solution at a lesser price!

Technical Support

One of Mistral’s priorities is to provide all customers with a high level of service and support.  A coast to coast toll free support line is available for our customers.  In addition, Mistral has direct access to every customer’s servers enabling our staff to provide the best support available.


Training & Documentation

Training services are offered either on site or at our offices.  In order to optimize to overall results, training schedules are typically offered in strategic stages with a strong emphasis on hands-on learning.  All learning materials and user system documentation are usually available online.  Additional training for new staff and software upgrades is available.

WEB Developments

Our web development service offers:

  • Stand-alone sites
  • Fully integrated sites with the Unison platform
  • Database connectivity and management
  • Content management (i.e. modify and manage your site)

We also offer web hosting.  Our servers are located in a secured building (24 hour watch) with backup generators and access to a 1GB fiber connection.