Building Access

Managing and controlling the access to an organization’s physical resources can be problematic.  Several contentious issues come into play and a balanced solution must be struck in order to satisfy everyone’s needs.

The most common challenges encountered are:

  • Implementation and operating costs
  • Large number of members/participants
  • Several areas of a building
  • Several buildings
  • Multiple access rules per member/participant

Mistral offers a highly integrated and automated solution that supports numerous features that are not found anywhere else, including from vendors that specialize in this matter.


  • Automated barcode generation
  • Integrated photo database
  • Automated ID card printing
  • Multiple access rules per participant (e.g. courses and membership)
  • Day passes
  • Barcode and proximity technologies
  • Remote buildings
  • NSF payment tracking and access denial
  • Interfaces with door, turnstiles, garage gates/doors, bells, etc.
  • Fully integrated with the Registration system