Childcare Registration

The Childcare Registration System is designed to significantly reduce the administrative burden when managing such a service.  As a matter of fact, it is common to see only one person conducting all the billing requirements including organizations caring for more than 2,000 children!  

Although the system may be simple to operate one should never underestimate its powerful functions.   This is particularly true when an organization is accommodating a myriad of payment arrangements, payment dates and customers – and sometimes for the same child!  In essence it is a smart, powerful and easy-to-use system.


  • Multi-centre capabilities: physical, logical, local and remote.
  • Customizable child personal information (e.g. doctor, medication, etc.).
  • Multiple subsidies per child
  • Single or multiple payers per child
  • Pre-authorized payments
  • Multiple payments day per month per parent.
  • Equal monthly payments.
  • Attendance data integrated with billing
  • Multiple fees per child
  • Multiple programs and/or centers per child.
  • Day by day or monthly computation
  • Fully integrated with Unison