Course Registration

Unison’s Course Registration system is offered as a solid tool to make registrations fast, informative and hassle free.  The system is obviously fully integrated within the Registration system as well as other related systems, such as the Accounts Receivable. 

Since every organization may have its own subtle requirements, this registration system has been developed with a substantial amount of flexibility.  This is why several tables are used to define the operating and selling parameters of each program/course.


  • Maintain comprehensive registration records and statistics for analysis
  • In-depth waiting list feature
  • Specific course start and end date, days of the week, time, location, enrolment capacities, special notes, pre-requisites, etc.
  • Optional building access card generation
  • Multi-course and multi-participant registrations
  • Automated pro-rated fee calculation
  • Advance payment schedule calculation
  • Automated discounts: member, family, age, etc.
  • Interface to Mistral’s e-commerce feature
  • Deferred revenue calculation