General Ledger

It stands to reason that the General Ledger of any organization remains an integral and crucial bed of information.  Numerous decisions are made operationally on a day to day basis and strategically for long term planning based on financial aspects.  Accordingly, Mistral has invested substantial efforts in the design of its General Ledger system.  It provides not only the standard information expected but also incorporates additional features to help you better understand your organization.


  • Unlimited accounts including alphanumerical characters
  • Departmentalized account structure
  • Extraction by any or all departments
  • Unlimited fiscal years: detail and summary
  • Recurring journal entries
  • Budget integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Multiple authorization levels
  • Commitment/Fund accounting
  • Full financial statements and reporting via Microsoft Excel
  • Automated multi-tier drilling
  • Import capabilities
  • Batched recurring journal entries
  • Cost distribution feature