Purchase Order

Unison’s Purchase Order system differs from other solutions in that it offers a tool to assist managers to stay within budget or at least indicate when they are no longer within budget.  The system may also be used to control expenses in certain areas of the operation where perhaps a contract is limiting the expense. This is accomplished with Unison’s commitment accounting feature that tracks/monitors both the purchase order transactions and the accounts payable transactions so that budgeted amounts are flagged and/or blocked when the budget is exceeded.


  • Standard Purchase Order information (shipping addresses, carriers, etc)
  • Pre-posting reports for verification of accuracy
  • System generated purchase order number
  • Optional commitment accounting
  • Direct link to Accounts Payable
  • Order receipt
  • Purchase Order printing
  • Very quick and simple user interface
  • Personalized supplier list
  • Personalized parts list
  • Emailed purchase orders
  • Immediate response if accounts are over budget
  • P.O. tracking