Accounts Payable

The main purpose of Mistral’s Accounts Payable System is to assist the accounting personnel in the tracking of who has to be paid and for what reason.  Also intrinsic to such a system is the optimization of these payments based on their due dates and the general cash flow; these are the principles on which Mistral’s system was designed.


  • Multi company capabilities
  • Pre-posting report for verifying accuracy of entered transactions
  • Ability to process invoices, emergency cheques, and adjustments to posted vouchers
  • Pre-defined exchange rates
  • Pre-cheque printing report identifies invoices to be paid and the total cash required to pay them
  • Automatic cheque register
  • Comprehensive aging reports
  • Powerful online inquiries of voucher detail
  • Cheque numbering, cheque printing and vendor record security controls
  • Integrated with Purchase Order System
  • Bi-directional integration with the General Ledger
  • Support commitment accounting (with Purchase Order system)