Financial Statement

All computerized accounting systems offer in varying degrees a number of financial statements.  A problem often observed throughout these solutions is the limitation in the statement types, formats, layouts and data content.  On the other hand, systems with lesser limitation often come with greater learning curves.

Mistral’s answer to the problem is simple: use a design tool that every accounting person is familiar with: Microsoft’s Excel.  Under Unison, Excel is equipped with an extra button that supports the financial data extraction tools normally found throughout Unison.  In other terms, one can design financial reports with Excel and where financial data is required a simple import feature will automatically populate the spreadsheet.


  • No restriction on the use of Excel’s features
  • Import tool from Unison database into Excel
  • Spreadsheets are re-usable from month to month and year to year
  • Sum function for a group of accounts
  • Sum function for a period of time
  • Use of Templates to replicate similar reports
  • Report recalculation and/or printing by groups
  • Authorization/access controls