Transaction Processing

The primary objective of the Transaction Processing System is to provide a central point where the financial information of all transactions can be summarized and controlled.  As an example, a participant purchases a place in a Scuba Diving class: once the Course Registration system has validated and recorded the registration information, the Transaction Processing system is called upon to record information on the payment method(s), payer’s information, due dates, General Ledger journal entries, etc.  All of the registration systems (e.g. Course and Membership) invoke the Transaction Processing to record their financial information.

The Transaction Processing may be defined as an Accounts Receivable system designed with additional specialized features meant to fulfill the unique requirements of a Registration environment.


  • Full Accounts Receivable functionality, Central point to control and balance daily cash-outs regardless of the type of sale, the sales person, location of sales, etc.
  • Integrated Pre-authorized bank account and Pre-authorized credit card payments
  • View of all the purchases of a given participant and/or the balance owing of a given payer.
  • Integrated interface with the General Ledger: daily posting of all journal entries regarding sales and payments
  • Corrections to payments (e.g. NSF definitions, payment of an NSF, paying the balance of an account) done on-line at the sales desk.  All corrections are fully integrated to the General Ledger
  • Statistical reporting from data automatically captured on a daily basis provides a means to examine the daily and weekly sales.
  • Statistical reporting of historical sales: fluctuations throughout the months of the year and movements across a number of years